The Rules….

The Rules….

The Rules#1 Heat kills. 

#2 Water is our best friend and worst enemy. 

#3 Just because it was expensive doesn’t mean it won’t break.

#4 Imitation is NOT the highest form of flattery. 

#5 Nothing is Idiot Proof!

#6 If it ain’t broke, don’t try… Too often. 

Yeah, I screwed up. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone! You’ll ruin my DISreputation! I am here to help you avoid some mistakes. I can’t save you from all of them. I do hope I can save you time and money by learning from my mistakes.

Rule # 1

Heat kills

Your gear has a usable temperature range. Food spoils faster at higher temperatures. Band aids get slimy in a summer car trunk. Medications lose their potency when toasted. We all know the car gets hot in the sun. If you keep your bag in the trunk, you’ll have to rotate your perishables and adhesive items more frequently. If you keep it in the closet with the electric water heater… yeah, it’s not much better.
Rule #2

Water is our best friend and worst enemy

Mold sucks. Period. Keep your gear away from moisture. I lost an entire travel trailer to mold. A winter storm came through and destroyed thousands of trees in our area. We had a medium sized branch fall on our Get Out Of Dodge trailer. I didn’t notice the quarter sized hole in the roof until spring. It looked like a science experiment in there.
Rule # 3

Just because it was expensive doesn’t mean it won’t break

I’m a hard use kinda guy. I treat most things really well. I can’t afford to replace things all the time. That being said, I do get lazy. The screwdriver says “not a pry bar” for a reason. Does that stop me? NAH!

Try not to abuse your gear. You may really need it… five minutes after breaking it, doing something stupid. Tools have an intended purpose. Only use them for what they are designed to do. I broke a really nice drill because the back worked just like a hammer, once; but not twice.
Rule # 4

Imitation is NOT the highest form of flattery

The tool that looks just like the one you want but at 1/2 the price is probably not the tool you want. Cheap knock offs are taking over nearly every facet of our lives. Don’t get fooled. I bought a compass that I thought was EXACTLY the same as the Brunton 8040… Nope. Fell apart, IN MY PACK!
Rule # 5

Nothing is Idiot Proof!

Just because it looks really simple to operate does NOT mean you should throw out the instructions. There are too many examples to list.
Rule # 6

If it ain’t broke, don’t try… too often

You should have some idea of the durability of your gear. It should ALWAYS hold up to normal use. Good gear can even handle occasional abuse. Try your gear and make sure it is up to the intended task, but don’t go overboard. I had a pretty nice hammer/demolition tool that we jokingly called my Zombie Apocalypse Hammer. I showed it off to everyone I could find. I hit this, twisted that and pryed the other thing. Guess what? After repeated ABUSE… that piece of junk broke in two. Stupid tool!
Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and avoid your own. Good luck!

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