Reviews from 1/2 a world away

Reviews from 1/2 a world away

We had the opportunity to help sponsor an amazing young woman on the trip of a lifetime. An 11 month, 11 country backpacking mission trip. With the help of some manufacturers, we were able to set her up with some great gear for her 3rd world adventures. Here are her reviews of the goods.

As we head into our next country, it was so fun making this video and being able to reflect on this past month and all that was experienced and ways that I was impacted by the people in Pretoria, South Africa. From the kids and staff at the township, to our host and the friendships that were formed. Watch and see a glimpse of what life was like the past month!   The World Race South Africa





Okay, so this part is WAY overdue, but so important. There were a lot of people and companies that sponsored me with gear to make this trip a little better so here are some shoutouts to them as well as some awesome gear recommendations- whether you are a future world racer or just someone that has an adventurous spirit and will be traveling soon I highly recommend all of these products! 


First of all, huge thank you to Todd Jones for setting this up, you are a great rep for your companies and I am so thankful to you and the extra work you put in to make this happen. 


Okay here it goes: 


Luci EMRG Light by Mpowered:

This is an awesome solar powered blow up lantern that was pretty much my best friend in Lesotho. We did not have any electricity during month 1 and we were pretty far removed from any kind of light. Its hard to do pretty much everything without light, so every night at around 6 the sun would go down, and this light would go on. 


Olight S1R flashlight:

Remember what I said before about electricity in Lesotho? Yeah- this flashlight was awesome during those times. Not only is this the smallest flashlight I have ever seen, it is also the brightest. The bathrooms we were to use were about a 3 min walk outside, and it gave me such a peace of mind during those night time walks that I could see everything around me if I needed too.


 Anker solar panel:

 When you are sharing 1 outlet among 7 people or if there is no electricity at all, you can imaging how much use this has gotten. This is a solar charging panel and one of the best Ive seen, I would highly recommend this to anyone. 


Leatherman OHT Multi tool:

This is the best multi tool Ive seen and has come in handy so many times while on the race so far. If you are looking for a multitool- this is the one to get. 


Survivor Filter:

Thankfully I haven’t had much need for this yet, however we are heading to Asia today and I can imagine I will be using this a lot more. When it come to your drinking water, you want to make sure you get only the best and I am confident to use this in all of the countries where water is unsafe. This is also the brand and filter that our organization recommends we bring and the one that is given to team leader. 


Again, a huge thank you goes out to all the people that gave and made this happen! 


As always thank for letting my story be apart of your day

xo Katie 


Send a prayer for Asia! We are boarding in a few minutes!!


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