Review – Valley Food Storage, Irish Pub Style Soup

Review – Valley Food Storage, Irish Pub Style Soup

We were contacted by Valley Food Storage about reviewing their line of prepackaged meals. Now, I’m not one to turn down free food, so we jumped at the chance to check out the offerings from another company. In our correspondence they stated, “We have taken the time to produce a high quality, healthy, natural food storage product that we believe is vastly needed in the market today…”

 The soup took roughly 25 minutes to prepare and required 5 cups of water…but this makes 5 servings. This differs from some of the other freeze-dried products, made more for backpacking, cooking this soup requires a continuous gentle boil for approximately 15 minutes and a five minutes of rest before serving. 


Unlike many of the other freeze dried products we’ve sampled recently, this lacked the powdered aftertaste that has become ubiquitous with freeze-dried, and even just other boxed, foods. There are several options from other manufacturers that are similar but of the many we’ve tried this is probably the best soup on the market. This isn’t just emergency food, it tastes good enough to serve anytime. The nutritional value of the soup was comparable with most of the other offerings other than it did have slightly higher sodium content but that was minimal. The rest of the nutritional content was more than enough to satisfy both your appetite in your nutritional needs. The soup cooked evenly. There were no hard potatoes. The sauce was creamy and flavorful. Now I want some in a bread bowl!



I was rather impressed with the Irish potato soup from Valley Food Storage. It was hearty, flavorful and could easily be a meal on its own. It was a great companion to the Brats we had with it! 

I could eat this soup all winter long. Yes, it is that good. We had it with some Brats but drop some ham chunks in it would be perfect. It’s like a good chowder style soup. 


The potato soup was ok. It was good but not my favorite. I’d still eat it if it was served but it’s not my first choice. The potatoes were nice and soft. It didn’t taste like survival food. 

I like this soup. It was pretty yummy. Dad is right. It would be really good with ham in it. It would be really great on a rainy day. 

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