REVIEW – TUFF Products EDC Kit

REVIEW – TUFF Products EDC Kit

This review of the TUFF Products EDC Kit is a little biased…

Not because of anything they did. It’s just that I love their flashlight but I hate “Tactical pens”…

I’ll explain in the article below. 

This kit includes:

Break Out Tactical Pen

T180 Rotating Head Flashlight

Stainless Steel Money Clip

Gift Box

Batteries are included. 

-TUFF Products T180 flashlight.This is a well-made flashlight of the every day carry size and is essentially unique in its ability to use both CR 123 and AA batteries. Output is reduced when swapping from the CR 123 battery to the AA. Maximum output on CR 123 is approximately 130 lm, while output with a AA battery is limited to about 90. The switch is comfortable and gives a positive click when initiated. The body is anodized aluminum with good knurling. This should provide a good grip even in wet conditions or with gloves. All indications are that this flashlight will last you a very long time.

Runtimes are comparable with several other flashlights from manufacturers such a Surefire, Thrunite and Nitecore. Many lights in this category offer the ability to run for several days in a “moonlight mode” but that is not the intended purpose of this light. It is rated to run approximately 106 minutes on a cr123 and 50 minutes on a AA in high mode. I exceeded both by nearly 50% They don’t provide a low mode runtime but I got up to 44 hours on a cr123 and a 37 hours on a AA. I was impressed that it came with Energizer batteries and not the standard off brand Chinesium garbage that are included with most things. It also works great on a rechargeable lithium ion 14500 battery and the 16340. My recorded time for strobe mode was 6hrs 19 minutes. 

It has been handy. I left it in my pocket and aimed the head where I needed some handsfree lighting. I also clipped it to my hat and was able to aim the light directly at the project I was working on. I think it would make an excellent light in a pocket for a LEO to write tickets/paperwork, trail hiker on a backpack strap, or a mechanic under a hood/car. Sure beats holding one in your teeth.

While the overall output on high isn’t really impressive when compared with other lights on the market, even at a similar price point. Brightness is not the whole measure of a light. 90% of tasks can be performed with 50-100 lumens. A ton more light is rarely as handy as a light that’s built to last and gets the job done. This light fits a nice broad group of uses and makes up for its lower output by making it easier to put useful light where you actually need it, with minimal effort. 

-BreakOut Tactical Pen

I’m not a huge fan of the whole Tactical Pen craze. I’ve never really seen the point (sorry…bad pun). My opinion has changed with this pen for three reasons:

1. This pen looks nicer than the usual “Mall Ninja” varieties. 

2. The glass breaker point isn’t so sharp that I’m afraid to carry it in my pocket. 

3. The stylus ACTUALLY works!

I think this pen has found a new home in my daily routine. The aluminum body is much more elegant than the majority of Tactical Pens on the market. I guess it’s time to retire my Zebra 701
-Tactical Money Clip

I have no idea what’s “Tactical” about a money clip but this one seems nice. It’s well made from stainless steel and has no sharp edges to destroy your pockets. I’ll prlay with it for a few more days but it is pretty comfy in the pocket. It’s the right length and the curved edges make it even nicer to carry. 
Get yours HERE

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