So, we have some wonderful fans who are spending the next few months camping all over the place in Arizona. They’ve graciously agreed to write some reviews for us. Here is the first one…
Patriot Pantry Coffee

The package is extremely lightweight and easy to pack. 

I made 2 cups with hot water boiled in a standard kettle on the propane camp stove. 

We didn’t pack any measuring cups or spoons. So using an actual long handled teaspoon, I measured one very rounded and the other a little shallow. Then I eyeballed 6oz of hot water into each of our 20oz travel mugs


 (if you are hiking or backpacking I would recommend these carabiner mugs with measure marks inside). 

The coffee blended nearly instantly. It certainly is the quickest way to a cup of coffee. I had two cups made in less than half the time it normally takes us to make one cup. 

I took the shallower spoonful. It was a little bland. I realized belatedly that I could’ve simply added a bit more of the coffee to the water. And if it was too much I could’ve added a bit more water. Keep in mind, I was making the coffee before I had the coffee 😉 . So, instead I added a bit of the kids’ chocolate powder.

It just finished my cup. It was pleasant if not spectacular. Like a cafe mocha I might’ve got at the shop at my high school summer camp.

I gave the rounded teaspoonful to my husband. My first sip had an initial bitterness that dissipated quickly. Perfectly drinkable but I decided not to switch with him. He offered me another sip later and it seemed to have mellowed after sitting for awhile. That sip was smoother and the initial bitter taste either went away or I got used to it. Husband said he tasted cinnamon. I didn’t at all. 

Neither of us use creamers or sugar. I don’t even have any at our campsite to try but I think Patriot Pantry Coffee would respond well to whatever you normally put in your coffee. Plus the ability to customize each individual pour means you almost can’t go wrong. I’ll remember to try that next time.

I will add a pack of Patriot Pantry Coffee to our emergency food tub and would certainly bring a pack on a hiking/camping trip where weight is a top priority (because coffee is a necessity). 

I recommend getting an extra pack and experimenting with the ratios before leaving on any trip, making sure to use the exact supplies you will have with you. Add a couple of those mugs I mentioned earlier, some water tabletsperhaps some sweetener, and of course Fully Prepped  by Todd Jones, and you’ve got yourself a lovely gift set.

Given the choice, both of us would rather fresh brew fresh ground coffee. We are just this side of coffee snob. But in a true SHTF scenario, or while on the trail, dehydrated coffee has such advantages over any other method. Obviously being lightweight in and of itself is the main selling point. And you don’t have to bring a percolator or a

pour-over cone or filters, significantly reducing your overall pack. Until it is opened the package is water tight. After that I wouldn’t trust the seal but the size and shape is standard and would fit well into a water tight dry-pack.

That this is ONLY coffee and non GMO to boot earns it big points for me but what my husband pointed out is that, when fuel is precious or unavailable or conditions otherwise prevent you from boiling water – you can still make a cup of coffee. This coffee can be made with warm or even cold water if necessary. A cold cup of dehydrated coffee would likely not be the most enjoyable cup you’ll ever have – but if your situation has come to that, I bet it’ll be a very welcome cup indeed.

From the Manufacturer:

* First-Ever Emergency Coffee that Will Store for up to 25 Years

* 100% Pure Gourmet Colombian Coffee Gently Freeze-dried to Preserve Flavor

* Re-Sealable 60-Serving Pouch

* Great Size for Camping or Barter

* Just Add Boiling Water

Can’t Survive Without Coffee?

Now You Don’t Have to!

Franklin’s Finest Coffee is the world’s first survival coffee developed to last up to 25 years in storage when unopened. 

We take the finest 100% Colombian coffee beans, roast them to perfection and gently freeze-dry them to preserve that bold, smooth flavor. 

You get 60 servings of delicious brew – enough for two cups a day for a month. The specially sealed pouch keeps your coffee fresh until you’re ready to use it – much longer than large cans. 

The folks at Patriot Pantry understand the importance of getting prepared, and they personally test and use all of the survival products they sell. Add Franklin’s Finest Survival Coffee to your emergency food storage plan today, and you’ll have great tasting, easy to prepare coffee during any emergency.

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