Review – Pasta Primavera – Valley Food Storage

Review – Pasta Primavera – Valley Food Storage

Review – Valley food Storage
Pasta Primavera  
We were contacted by Valley Food Storage about reviewing their line of prepackaged meals. Now, I’m not one to turn down free food, so we jumped at the chance to check out the offerings from another company. In our correspondence they stated, “We have taken the time to produce a high quality, healthy, natural food storage product that we believe is vastly needed in the market today…”

Heck, I’m excited!
The meals they sent are packaged in heavy Mylar bags with a simple but clearly written label. This is where I noticed a not insignificant difference between their meals and some of the others on the market. These require ACTUAL cooking. Not just “add boiling water”, but cook over heat for 10-12 minutes. There are other companies who require this step but it is an additional consideration regarding fuel consumption in an emergency. I’m not too worried about it but it is something you’ll want to weigh in the cost/benefit ratio. 

The instructions are clear, the portions are clearly labeled, and the nutritional information is plainly displayed. The calories/serving are pretty decent for “Prepper food”. I was happy to see that all of the ingredients were basically FOOD… This stuff is made almost the same way you would in your own kitchen. 

We didn’t add anything

MamaTactics – 

The Pasta Primavera from Valley Food Storage was good, in my opinion. It was flavorful, but I found the texture and after-taste lacking. Even so, it made a nice side dish to the pork loin I made as the main dish. 
DefectiveTactics – 

This was a very tasty dish. It was creamy and full of flavor. It lacked the bland flavor of many freeze dried foods. The pasta was soft. It made a great side to our dinner. It would have made a good main course. It did have a slight “powdery” aftertaste common with dry packaged ingredients. It was much less noticeable than the Alfredo style sauce from Backpacker’s Pantry


yeah, it was pretty tasty…

TeenTactics –

This was pretty good. Better than the last pasta we tried. It was creamy and tasted like real food. We could store more of this. 
TinyTactics – 

It was yummy. I wanted more of it but we ate it all. We should take this camping with us. It would be easy for mom to make and we all liked it. 


Plenty of noodles!

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