Review – Olight S10c

Review – Olight S10c

Olight has customized the S10 Baton with a new emitter. Utilizing the newest CREE XPL-W2 LED, max output is 500 lumens. The new Olight S10c is a very compact CR 123 powered light with a slightly recessed side switch. The old switch sticks out a bit and was easy to activate accidentally. The new switch is almost flush with the trim ring. Maybe even a millimeter recessed. It gives a good positive feedback when engaged and is still easy to operate even with gloves on. The operation sequence is similar to other Olights…click to turn on and click and hold to step through the various levels. With the light OFF, a double click will go to high mode. With the light OFF, a click and hold will turn the light on in Moonlight mode. Great way to avoid blinding yourself in the middle of the night. With the light ON, a double click will go straight to Strobe. There is also a great Lock Out mode to help prevent accidental activation. With the light OFF, press and hold the button. The light will come on in Moonlight mode. Continue to hold the button until the light cycles off. Now, the light won’t turn on with a single press. Press and hold the button again, and the light will come on in Moonlight mode. This will deactivate the button lockout.

The beam throw is 105 m. While not stellar, it is a nice useable beam for a light that is under 3″ long and is more than adequate for most EDC tasks. The beam is much tighter than its baby brother, the Olight S1, and only about 1/3″ longer. I really like the floody beam on the S1 but if you need more distance, the S10c is a great option.
  The minuscule size of the Olight S10c makes it extremely easy to carry, even in small pockets. The light has a crystal clear nonreflective lens over a polished reflector. This gives the light a beam without many artifacts and decent throw for its size. What is hard to tell in these pictures is just how usable the center spot of the beam is. This gives a clear image of whatever you’re looking at in the center with enough usable spill to navigate a dark path easily. Most of the time, I find that Low or Medium mode is sufficient for the task at hand. I use Moonlight mode to get around the house at 4am. It’s enough light to see by but not wake up everyone in the house or even MamaTactics in the same room. If you get used to using a light in the lowest mode that’ll do the job, you’ll get much better battery life than just using High mode for everything.

A HUGE thanks to Olight Outdoors for the opportunity to review this great piece. It really is an ideal EDC light.

The Good:

500 Lumens in a light that isn’t even 3 inches long and weighs less than 2 ounces. Very good blend of flood light with a nice center spot.

The Bad:

The magnetic tail is great and has come in handy several times. The down side? I had it in the pocket with my keys. When I pulled my keys out, the S10c came along for the ride. If I hadn’t been on asphalt at the time, I might not have heard it fall to the ground. While low mode works great, I wish it was about twice as bright as it is. With an ultra low Moonlight mode, they could afford to give a low mode more like 10-25 lumens.

Included in the very attractive package:

Olight S10c Flashlight

Olight cr123 Lithium battery

Olight branded lanyard with a threading needle attached. (If you’ve ever installed a lanyard on a light, it can be a pain. This helps greatly)

Features and Specs:


* Runs on: 1x CR123A or 1x RCR123

* Output mode/Runtime: High:500 Lm/1.25 minutes then steps down to 250 Lm

* Mid:100 Lm/7hrs,

* Low:5 Lm/72hrs,

* Moonlight: 0.5 Lm/360h (15 DAYS)

* Dimensions: Length: 2.77″ (70.5mm) Diameter:0.9″ (23mm) Weight: 1.48 .oz. (42g) (excluding battery)

* Magnetic tail allows the flashlight to be attached to virtually any magnetic surface.

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