Review – Nitecore T360 Headlamp

Review – Nitecore T360 Headlamp

The great folks at Nitecore chose us as one of the recipients of a T360 review sample. As luck would have it, my current work project has me using a headlamp several days a week. Between leaving at 4am and working in some dark corners of a building without power, I have plenty of need for a handsfree light source. 

For starters:

The first thing I noticed was how incredibly light this unit is. Even with the packaging, it is the lightest headlamp I have. That bodes well for long days wearing it. 

The package is a simple cardboard and plastic clamshell with the basic specifications printed on it. Surprisingly, I think this is the first clamshell package I can remember opening without any hassles. It has a mark along the bottom that shows to, “cut here” that worked perfectly. There’s a first time for everything! 

Speaking of, “first time”…I believe this is the first time I’ve seen a headlamp that is also a clip on light. 

I own another headlamp that the light can be removed and used as a small handheld light but this T360 has a shirt/belt clip on the back. Simply remove the headband and you could put this light on a hat, a backpack strap, your belt/pocket, and put light right where you need it. A very nice addition. The ball and pivot mount allows the T360 to be pointed in virtually any direction. 

Where this light falls a little short is in total output. At 45 lumens, it isn’t exactly piercing the night. Then again, that isn’t the purpose of this light. This is a light for working with your hands. A good light for working within “arms reach”. I found that medium output was suitable for most tasks. In complete darkness, the low mode was sufficient for walking around and avoiding obstacles. 

The unit is very small. That means the battery is very small. This hampers runtime a bit but that is worth it for a light that will fit just about anywhere. High mode will only get you about 45 minutes of light. Medium is good for just under 2 hours and the low mode will pull off 21 hours of continuous use. 
The T360 uses a standard micro-USB cable for charging and the port is protected by a dust and water resistant cover. The LED glows red when charging and green when complete. 


As the joke goes, “We work from sun up to fall down”…. So, I keep 3 headlamps in my work truck. Since receiving the T360, it has been my “go to” headlamp. It is small, light, and provides adequate light for virtually all of my needs. 



I’m not a big fan of headlamps, to be honest, but the Nitecore T360 didn’t bother me. Once adjusted it was comfortable and easy to use. It’s aight…



They’re really fun to play with. I used it a wee bit and it was helpful. I like how small it is. It isn’t heavy like my other one. I want one!



This headlamp is extraordinarily functional and a great tool. The multiple settings and ability to clip the light to something are extremely useful and great touches. 


Get one here:



From Nitecore


* Lumens / Runtimes:

    * High: 45 Lumens / 45 Minutes

    * Medium: 15 Lumens / 1 Hour 45 Minutes

    * Low: 2 Lumens / 21 Hours

* Maximum beam distance: 30 Meters

* Peak beam intensity: 230cd

* Runs on an integrated Li-ion USB rechargeable battery

* Single multi-stage switch offers access to all functions for one handed operation

* Three brightness levels to select from

* Signal lighting with various flashing frequencies

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