Review – Ganzo G7412 Pocket Knife

Review – Ganzo G7412 Pocket Knife

The Ganzo G7412-OR-WS Axis Lock Pocket Knife – I was contacted by about reviewing some items from them (look for the review on their Convoy S3 flashlight; Coming Soon). I was surprised when the package showed up from the UK pretty quickly. In the box was the Gonzo G7412 and the Convoy flashlight. Both arrived in pretty basic packaging. I’m ok with that. They were bubble wrapped for protection and packaged well.

On to the review…
I carried the G7412 for a couple weeks. Now, I use my knife several times a day, for work. I cut everything from cardboard, to thin plastic sheeting. I cut masking and duct tape, electrical sheathing, puncture metal can caps (it’s the only way to open them), and cut masking against metal and concrete. Needless to say, I’m hard on a blade. So, when the Gonzo showed up, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had an excellent edge on it. Literally “shavin’ sharp”. Seriously, I have the bald spot on my arm to prove it…

I put this thing through my usual daily torture and it held up very well for a 440C blade. 440C is good metal but it isn’t exactly tier 1 steel. What I do love about 440C, is the ability to put a great edge on it easily. A quick pass over my DMT fine grit diamond stone and a few passes on the Tandy Leather Strop (at home) or the Lansky Strop I keep in my EDC kit, and the edge is slicing through that pesky 0.3mil plastic like butter.

The Ganzo 7412 uses an Axis Lock, similar to those on Benchmade knives.

It’s a good system that locks up well and provides for safe use of the knife without fear of losing a fingertip to that razor sharp blade. The Axis Lock system takes some getting used to for those unfamiliar with it. After a while it becomes almost as intuitive as a Liner Lock and the time tested Lock Back. Everyone has their preference but all of them serve their purpose.
Included with the knife is a lanyard with a rescue whistle.
  It is really pretty loud. It would serve you well for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities. A knife and signaling device together? Great idea!

The G10 scales provide ample grip, even with wet hands. The pillar construction allows for easy cleaning of the, inevitable, pocket lint. The pivot is smooth and operated easily. The blade was also perfectly centered.
 All in all, this is a better than average knife and its value is greater than its price. Isn’t that what you’re looking for in your gear purchases?

Brand: GANZO

Model Number: G7412

Lock Type: Axis Lock

Handle Material: G10 handle

Blade Material: 440C

Hardness: 58 – 60 HRC

Blade Edge Type: Fine

Uses: Adventure, Camping, Collecting,

Hiking, Home use, Travel

Color: Army Green, Black, Orange


Folded Length: 11.8 cm/4.64 inch

Opened Length: 20.8 cm/8.19 inch

Clip Length: 5.8 cm/2.28 inch

Blade Length: 9.0 cm/3.54 inch

Blade Width : 2.8 cm/1.1 inch

Weight:0.151 kg/5.3 oz
It is available in Black, Orange, and Green
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Coupon: GanzoG7412
price: $15.59
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