Review – Convoy S3 Flashlight

Review – Convoy S3 Flashlight

The Convoy S3 is an attractive light with great output, decent grip knurling, and some attention to detail that I’ve found lacking in some higher end lights, lately.

This medium EDC light comes with your choice of LED emitters. You can choose either a cool white XM-L2 U2 or the more neutral white XM-L2 T6.

With your emitter choice you can also pick your maximum lumen output. Options range from 500 lumens to 1100 lumens.

The S3 offers an option usually seen on lights from higher end companies like FourSevens and Thrunite; the ability to change the output choices or “group”.
In this instance, you get to choose “Group 1”:

A 5 mode setup – Low, Medium, High, strobe, and SOS

Or, for those who prefer a simpler setup you can choose “Group 2”:

The normal – Low, Medium, High arrangement.

It sounds simple in the instructions but took me a couple of tries to figure out. Here goes:

-Turn on the light with a full “click” of the tail switch.

-1/2 press (no click but the light will change) the tail switch, a couple times, until you get to Low mode.

-Once there, wait a few seconds and the light will blink once.

-When it does, 1/2 press the tail switch and hold for a couple seconds and then release.

-The light should still be in Low mode. Wait a few seconds for the light to blink once again.

-Turn the light off (full click) for 5 seconds (to bypass the setting memory).

-When you turn the light back on, it will be in the other mode.

Sounds difficult but you probably won’t be doing it too often and you probably don’t want to do it by accident. Other companies do this by twisting the head or pressing the button or some combination.

Convoy was nice enough to use square cut threads on both ends of this light. A very nice touch on a light this inexpensive. Square cut threads make it much more difficult to “cross thread” the pieces when changing batteries. This adds to the milling time (and therefore the cost) of the light. Like I said, this is a detail that some manufacturers used to to but, unfortunately, are getting away from lately…I’m looking at you FOURSEVENS.

The body is standard aluminum alloy and available in two colors:

Black and Titanium Grey

It has a Stainless steel bezel to help protect the glass lens and uses an orange peel reflector for artifact free lighting.

Convoy claims a 2.5 hour runtime on High mode, I’ll assume that is for the 500 lumen model as that seems pretty long for an 1100 lumen light on a single 18650 battery. Checking the current draw numbers, and comparing to battery capacity, confirms that the 1100 lumen model should come in at just over an hour on High. A battery is NOT included so unless you already have some 18650 powered gear in your stable, you’ll want to check out a battery and charger, as well.

Watch this review on YouTube:

Convoy S3 Video Review


Here we are at the end, or as I like to call it, “the part that most of you just skipped to from the start”….
This is a great light that I’ve carried daily for the last few weeks. No hiccups, no errors, no failures. I even left it in a bucket of water for 10 minutes.

What else can I say? For a $14 flashlight, this light offers just about all you could ask for in a pocket sized light…except the battery but hey, for $14, you can’t get everything.

What you can get, is the Convoy S3 from GearBest: 


Quick UPDATE –

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