Review – Cast Iron Scrubber

Review – Cast Iron Scrubber

Now that the website is working again, I can post the reviews from our friends In Arizona! They are camping for an extended period and we had the opportunity to send them some gear to test for us. 
Stainless Steel Chainmail Cast Iron Scrubber(7×7 size with a hanging ring)

I love cooking with our cast iron set. And detest cleaning it after certain meals. After a couple weeks out here I realized it was affecting what we eat. We were eating way more junk food than normal simply because less clean-up was involved. 
When we have a big sink with hot running water and a washer in the next room I love using the regular heavy duty dish sponges with a scrubbie side. They get thoroughly rinsed after each use and rotated out daily. I have a ventilated basket just for kitchen cloths and scrubbies. The moment they get too gunked up (such as after cleaning a casserole dish or a pot from spaghetti sauce) into the wash-bin they go. Easy peasy. 

But at camp that gunky scrubbie is the bane of my existence. First, water is a premium so I can’t rinse them out as well. Second, food traces bring unwanted pests – and in certain places can even be dangerous. So all our rinse water must be accounted for carefully. Any wet scrubbies and cloths must be dried before being put in a laundry bag or they’ll get super smelly before laundry day. Which then makes it harder to get the entire load clean at a DIY laundromat. I just can’t afford to throw away a scrubbie every other night. I also can’t afford many paper towels. As much as possible we stick to reusable items. 
Enter the Cast Iron Scrubber. 

It isn’t made OF cast iron. It is made FOR cast iron.  

This is the day after I made pasta with red sauce and cheese. I added just enough water to coat the bottom, turned the burner on til it boiled. Turned the burner off and began scrubbing. Please note I can handle water and surfaces hotter than most people so be careful. You can also grab the scrubber with some tongues and scrub that way, or simply don’t heat the water and use a bit more elbow grease instead. 

It does its job well. I like that it doesn’t soak up the water and oils so I can scrub all I want and not worry too much about stripping my cast iron seasoning. No matter how gunky it gets, swishing it around in a bit of water gets most of it off. Of course it dries super fast. We’ve had it for a few weeks now and so far I haven’t had any issues with cleaning it or using it to clean. Super happy. 

Now I should note that it is NOT supposed to be used on anything other than cast iron. I used it on the stainless steel spatula partly out of curiosity and partly to show you what would happen so you don’t accidentally buy it for your stainless steal pots or aluminum pans. I knew it would scratch up the finish like that, but it doesn’t bother me. It’s CLEAN. I wouldn’t do it often but in a pinch, it works. I would NEVER use it on anything with a coating such as Teflon. 

Cleaning pots and pans is still one of my least favorite chores, but I’m very pleased with how this scrubber has simplified the task for us, encouraged me to experiment more with our dinners and helped keep our camp relatively pest free 

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