Renegade Water Criminal Thwarted!

Renegade Water Criminal Thwarted!

Oh no! A hardened criminal, for sure!

All around the country there are municipalities passing ordinances and laws that prohibit “prepping”.
No gardens, no rain water collection, no more than 5 gallons of fuel stored, firearms restrictions… The people in control don’t want “The People” to be self sufficient. If we don’t need them, they cease to be of use. This is just another example of “US” versus “Them”.

30 Days for Rain Collection

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  1. I can understand if these 3 “reservoirs” collect a few thousand gallons of water annually while impacting the water table of the region. That’s a serious desk even around my neck of the woods where the depletion of the water table is getting to be a concern. But if it affects no one and is limited in scope, then it’s stupid.


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