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Why do Preppers Hate Preppers?

I REALLY didn’t want to write this article… “Can’t we all just get along?” . Recently, I read an article, and the comments that followed, on Facebook. Based on this article, and a few I’ve read in the past few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that we hate each other. Really, we do. Preppers hate preppers. It’s the reason I quit joining prepper groups on Facebook. You’ll probably hate me for writing this. I’m ok with that because it needs to be said. To some extent, I’m guilty too. We use the phrase “It’s not Doomsday Prepping…It’s everyday prepping”. We use it more to describe the difference in the mindset of those who prep as a lifestyle versus prepping for the end of the world as we know it. I could see where it might be interpreted as shaming the “Doomsday Prepper” types. I don’t really want to do that. It’s just a different mindset. Do knitters have this much animosity toward each other?     With statements like these, it’s hard to find much encouragement.  “Sorry, poser-guy at Chick-fil-A, but you looked pretty dumb when I saw you there last week.” “You know I’m all in favor of firearms and am grateful for our Second Amendment rights, but come on!” “I’ve even heard of people putting a year’s worth of food on a credit card because they can’t afford it any other way. Dumb.”  …and those statements were from the article, not the Facebook comments.  Now, I don’t want to get into a big First Amendment debate. This isn’t about “can you talk like that?” it’s about “should you...

REVIEW – TUFF Products EDC Kit

This review of the TUFF Products EDC Kit is a little biased… Not because of anything they did. It’s just that I love their flashlight but I hate “Tactical pens”… I’ll explain in the article below.  This kit includes: Break Out Tactical Pen T180 Rotating Head Flashlight Stainless Steel Money Clip Gift Box Batteries are included.  -TUFF Products T180 flashlight.This is a well-made flashlight of the every day carry size and is essentially unique in its ability to use both CR 123 and AA batteries. Output is reduced when swapping from the CR 123 battery to the AA. Maximum output on CR 123 is approximately 130 lm, while output with a AA battery is limited to about 90. The switch is comfortable and gives a positive click when initiated. The body is anodized aluminum with good knurling. This should provide a good grip even in wet conditions or with gloves. All indications are that this flashlight will last you a very long time. Runtimes are comparable with several other flashlights from manufacturers such a Surefire, Thrunite and Nitecore. Many lights in this category offer the ability to run for several days in a “moonlight mode” but that is not the intended purpose of this light. It is rated to run approximately 106 minutes on a cr123 and 50 minutes on a AA in high mode. I exceeded both by nearly 50% They don’t provide a low mode runtime but I got up to 44 hours on a cr123 and a 37 hours on a AA. I was impressed that it came with Energizer batteries and not the standard off...

Solar Lights for Power Outages

You know those cheap solar lights you find at discount stores or on clearance? Not the Dollar Store ones. Those are a little too cheap. These are $3-$6 each. We use them when we are camping. We mark the entrance of each tent with one. Well, after our last camping trip, I had an idea. If we use them camping, where we have no power…why not use them at home WHEN we have no power? Those would work perfect in an extended power outage. Take them out in the morning and bring them in at dusk. Virtually all of them can be removed from their mounting stakes. Most have a flat top where the solar cell is. This works two ways; it makes it perfect to set on a counter, table, or shelf and most sense light through the solar cell. By flipping it over and placing it on a solid surface, you’ll activate the “Dusk to Dawn” feature. Essentially, the sensor will think it’s dark and turn on the light. Some have a multi-function switch; on, off, and Dusk to Dawn. You can choose what works best for you. They should give enough light to get around the house easily without eating into your flashlights or lantern fuel. They’d save on candle use too. Best part of this? No open flame for kiddos or pets to knock over? Sounds like a great option to me. I just ordered this set. Amazon Affiliate Link Good reviews and seems like enough light for the job. It’s even has a base designed to sit flat on a...

The Four Morons of the Apocalypse

  The world of preparedness is as vast as the dangers that we all prepare for. Supplies, tools, food, water, solar, gardens, chickens, livestock, canning, knitting, reading, planning, welding, hunting, fishing…dot, dot, dot, etc…There are so many things to do, learn, and stock up on to prepare yourself and your family. Just what are you preparing for? Wildfire, tornado, hurricane, financial collapse, political or civil unrest, EMP, CME…SOL PDQ… sometimes the whole prospect seems overwhelming. It’s best to take a step back, take a breath, and make a well rounded plan that takes several possibilities and incorporates them. Take the whole thing in manageable bites. I suggest starting with an evacuation plan. Remember, preparedness is not a sprint, preparing is a marathon. It even has mile markers! Today’s article is a warning to those starting out or just getting established. Those who are well on their way down the wrong road are harder to turn around. Here is your warning Don’t get stuck in one area of prepping! We’re going to use 4 common stereotypes of people as object lessons. We’ll refer to them as: The Four Morons of the Apocalypse. I’ll introduce you to the cast of characters as we go. -The Gear Junkie (aka Mall Ninja) You’ve seen him. You know you have. This guy goes to Walmart wearing 1/2 of a combat loadout just to grab a carton of smokes. He’s got Blackhawk pants and his Zombie Team hat. He wears 5.11 shooting glasses just to take a leak. His Merrell tactical boots, “are the same ones the Delta guys wear”. If you stumble across him...
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