Our Top 5 Articles of 2015

Our Top 5 Articles of 2015

Top 5 Articles of 2015
Well, after crunching the numbers, these are our most read articles from last year. 
What can you do, to improve your preparedness, in just 10 minutes?


Are you building a, “I’m not coming home bag” or a, “Bug out bag”? 

What is the difference and why do you need one?


We talked with some of your favorite Facebook pages to get their best advice to improve your preparedness. This was my favorite article of the year.


We reviewed the new, ultra tiny, Olight S1 baton flashlight. If you don’t want to read it, just understand yes, it’s very cool…


This article is an action-packed adventure, intended to get you out ahead of danger and before the roads get too crowded to leave.


If you’re coming to this article from our Facebook page, please jump back over and leave us a comment letting us know what articles you would like to see this year.

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