INCH Bag…. Or I’m Never Coming Home.It’s more like:


Need to

Carry a


Unless you’ve got the bushcraft skills to fall out of a plane in the jungle and survive for months, a TRUE INCH bag is beyond the capabilities of 99% of people. Probably 99.9999%…

-Anyone with true bushcraft skills will tell you, there is huge difference between surviving 7 days in the woods versus surviving 7 weeks. Forget about your weekend warrior going out and surviving 7 years! Compound the problem with the sheer number of people trying to find/hunt for food after a massive catastrophe and you’ve got a good recipe for disaster. You’ll have a few thousand people traipsing around your beloved wilderness. They are going to be shooting at anything that moves. That might (probably) be you. You’d need to be in an incredibly remote area to avoid this risk. 

-If you could find an urban area with enough scavengable supplies, it might work but is that really an INCH bag or are you just making a new home? Again, you’re going to have the same problems as the, “Go it alone in the woods” group…tons of starving people competing for the same resources. Your invisibility cloak better be pretty awesome. 

-If you don’t plan on staying in the same place for long, you know, the nomadic traveler… You’re going to have the same problems but in unfamiliar territory and with much more exposure to danger. Every time you move, you’ll be setting yourself up for increased chances of being ambushed or mugged for your big Pack-O’-Gear! It’ll be a giant neon sign that spells, “Steal me”!

-I see the INCH bags for sale all over the net for $500-1000. Jeez! Talk about selling false hope. If you have to buy the kit already made, you REALLLLLLY lack the skills to use it. Now, a prepackaged BOB is ok, sometimes. The problem is, when you see the price for a BOB filled with good quality gear, you’re going to choke on the price. Will the cheap ones work? Maybe. Is your life worth more than a, “maybe”? Mine is. Are there some items you can skimp on? Yeah, there are. The flip side is that you won’t have much to fall back on should that cheap gear fail when your life depends on it. 

-A lot of the experts say that an INCH bag is just a bigger BOB. Uh? What? A BOB is going to be difficult for most people to carry. Now we have to make a bigger one? Yeah, no thanks. I’ve got skills. Real world, practical, and practiced skills. I can turn trees into a cabin, make fire from sticks and string, and filter water with dirt and leaves. Even I know, I don’t want to try the, “Lone Woodsman” approach.  

-Do yourself a favor, build a BOB, practice with it, learn it, fine tune it, carry it, hike with it. Then figure out how to use your skills to extend it from 72 hours to a week or two. 

…Remember, most people are bugging IN anyway. 

-Make a plan. 

-Build a kit. 

-Practice regularly.

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