How Fast Can You Evacuate?

How Fast Can You Evacuate?

How fast can you evacuate?

Winds shifted on a local wild fire summer before last and 2500 homes were threatened. Evacuations started. Tornado sirens sound in the middle of the night, how fast can you make it to shelter? A hurricane shifts course and is now headed farther east than originally expected. You’ve got 12-15 hours before it makes landfall. Can you get out ahead of the hordes? You don’t want to be stuck in traffic like during Katrina. 
If you had to leave, how fast could you get out? If you have a GoBag packed and ready you could spend your time gathering precious memories and important documents. Don’t hesitate. We have a topics of the week on evacuation and GoBags. We also answer questions directly. Feel free to message us. We’d love to help. 
On May 16th 2014 San Diego was suffering from some terribly fast moving wildfires. I had some dear friends down in the heat and dust fighting to put this monster down. 
Many families were given just minutes to evacuate. Without a plan. Without a kit. Without practice…what would you forget? What would you lose to the flames? Getting you and your loved ones out is the priority. Getting some basics together for the next few days is going to make life a lot easier. Getting your important documents together might make the next month bearable. Gathering family heirlooms and cherished items might save a lifetime of tears and regrets. 
Having a bag packed for each family member (and your pets) can make the NECESSITIES of evacuation take mere seconds to gather. Having a pouch with semi-current documents and paperwork ready will save a lot of panicked searching. Having family pictures saved to a hard drive or memory stick will spare you the heartache of lost memories. All these things could be ready to go in a minute or two, if you have packed and planned properly. This can leave precious time to gather the irreplaceable items from your home. 
We have articles covering Evacuation and Go-Bags here. I hope you’ll check them out. 
Please take some time to check them out. Every region on the country has it’s own natural disasters to contend with. Each can be equally devastating, destructive, and deadly. 
Getting out ahead of the rush will also improve your chances of survival. 
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