For Starters…

For Starters…

There are SOOOOO many lists for Preppers.

A food list

A weapons list

A security list

A bugout list

A sanitation list…..

List, list, list, after list, list, list. Ugh!

We even have an article about a LIST OF LISTS

What if you just REALLY want to know where to start? What if you’re new to this whole “Prepping thing”? That’s why I wrote my book, “Fully Prepped?”
It’s the basis for a great beginning but it’s designed to carry you well beyond that.

Here, at Effective Tactics, we believe it’s not Doomsday Prepping…It’s everyday prepping.

Get your copy here: BUY – “Fully Prepped?”

What do YOU think should be the FIRST thing
a new Prepper should stock up on?

I was checking out some articles over at Survival Mom and came across this:
I think it’s a great list! It’s not exactly the same as mine but it’s extremely close.

I don’t want to just bring you MY opinion all the time. I also want to share the opinions of people I respect in the community. Survival Mom is one of those who is normally spot on. The only thing I would say to her list is that
under either #6 or #8 on her list, you should
have a good quality flashlight and spare batteries as well as 2-3 ways to start a fire. Other than that, she’s got a great list for beginners.

Our website also has a subcategory, BASICS, filled with the best info for those just catching “the bug” for preparedness.

I hope you found some great, useful info here. Have a GREAT day!


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