Effective Tactics rules, mission, etc

Effective Tactics rules, mission, etc

Effective Tactics rules, mission, etc

This is long but PLEASE read… There is probably something here you should know!

We have welcomed a lot of new fans in the last few weeks. I guess it’s time to send this out again. This is my introduction, how the Effective Tactics page works, our rules, our basic weekly schedule, and our general giveaway formats. We’ve never posted it all in one place before. So, here is goes.

•EffectiveTactics Mission

At this point, in the life cycle of this page, some of you know me personally. A few of you have even been welcomed to my personal FB page. You know I can get pretty passionate about some topics. I promise that this will not be “That” place. I am a Conservative Christian patriot. I believe in our Constitution, I am a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights (the whole thing!). I love my God, my wife, my kids, my family, and my friends. I’d lay my life down for any of them but I’m not going down without a FEROCIOUS fight!

I will try to keep political/religious posts to a minimum on this page. The purpose of this page is for ALL people interested in becoming better prepared for disaster, epidemic, financial collapse, alien invasion (for my father in law. LOL), or whatever life may bring to your doorstep. We will cover topics of preparedness, personal security, home defense, food storage, first aid, camping, hunting, gardening, canning, and the occasional laugh (Sunday Silly).

The hope is to keep the information simple, relevant, and practical. I want to help take the fear out of getting started and open a dialog with those who have knowledge to share. I don’t want politics and religion to be a divisive intrusion on our ability to communicate. I have my beliefs and you have yours but we can come together on the topic of preparedness.

successful in producing a desired or intended result.
“effective solutions to environmental problems”
synonyms: successful, effectual, potent, powerful; helpful, beneficial, advantageous, valuable, useful; formalefficacious
“an effective treatment”
convincing, compelling, strong, forceful, potent, weighty, impactful, sound, valid;
impressive, persuasive, plausible, credible, authoritative;
logical, reasonable,

plural noun: tactics
an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.
synonyms: strategy, scheme, stratagem, plan, maneuver;

AMERICA has FREEDOM OF SPEECH! As long as you’re courteous and respectful, so does MY PAGE. I ask that you keep the language “PGish”… I understand that emotions get the best of people from time to time. I’m pretty lenient on this but don’t push it.
If you speak ill about our troops, you’ll get banned… I won’t tolerate it.
If you speak ill of law enforcement in general… Banned for that too. If we share a video or article about a particular dirty cop, that’s cool, but don’t lump all cops into that category.
If you complain about a giveaway, you’ll be banned. No warning. No comment. No reply. Just banned.
If a company donates a product and you talk crap about their product… Banned.
If you attack a fan for an honest question… Yep, banned too. We are all here to learn and you aren’t that cool. Get over yourself.

Now go have an amazing day and go buy one thing “just in case”. That’s exactly how you start prepping.

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