What You Have Is ALL You Get

Sometimes, you end up alone and all you have is what’s in your pockets. When you end up in such a situation, the equipment or items that you left in the vehicle or back at home are useless to you. They might as well not even exist other than to motivate you to get to them. There are items that you will need should disaster strike. The simple solution to making sure that you have all the items you need is to make a habit of carrying these items every day and everywhere you go. We refer to these items as an everyday carry or EDC kit. Our plan is to use an EDC kit to either get you home (to either stay or get your BOB) or to get you to your car (and it’s CAR KIT). By having a layered approach you cover more contingencies without lugging your BOB on your back 24/7. Mine may not be ON me every day but it’s always within reach.

•Here’s a quick list of some suggested items:

Waterproof Pouch – to carry your kit.

Leatherman Squirt multi tool

AAA LED flashlight – something that runs a long time on one battery and carry an extra battery too.

Space Blanket or similar

Pocket Knife

Whistle/Matches/Compass/ Combo

Paracord 550lb test probably 50 feet

Small Roll Duct Tape

Gerber Shard or Artifact

P-51 Can Opener

Scalpel Blades


Small First Aid Kit

Ziplock Sandwich Bag to either protect things from moisture or to purify water in.

Water Purification Tablets

Mini Sharpie or Pencil and Paper to make notes or use as trail marking

Small Carabiners can be used as cinch points for shelter, or to lift a load with paracord

Latex/Nitrile Gloves

Cable Saw/Snare kit

Cash and Coins

Non Lube Condom (to store water)

1/3 Hacksaw Blade

Signal Mirror

Small Zip Ties

This kit should be about the size of a large cargo pocket. Find a pouch with a place for a carabiner on the outside, so you can clip it to a pack, purse, or belt loop. I also recommend a tiny keychain type LED light on the outside to use for looking into the kit in low/no light.

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  1. These are all good options. I also ran across some other good options while picking up some cleaning materials at the local dollar store this afternoon.

    – Glow sticks
    – Steel wool
    – 9-volt batteries
    – Twine


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