Dirty Thieving Scoundrel!!!

Dirty Thieving Scoundrel!!!

So, some of you may remember my post from last week about catching a dirtbag with his hands in the back of my truck. Well, it’s not happening again….

After some upgrades, adjustments, and enhancements, we are set up to put a hurt on the next fool to attempt such silliness.

Here’s the basic rundown of the TacticsHouse upgrades.

First upgrade (done the next day) was a
Chamberlain CWA2000 Wireless Motion Alert System
This is a simple two piece unit that has a wireless sensor, like a motion light, and a receiver that chimes when the sensor is tripped.


The next step was to re-aim our existing motion sensor light to catch my parking space better. This is basically the same as our unit.
Motion Sensor Flood Light


Step three, of the catch a burglar system, was to relocate our flag light. Now, I am REALLY OCD about our flag ALWAYS being illuminated. It’s a patriotic thing and the right thing. So, I had to put it in a place where it would still hit the flag at our entry but also throw some light on my truck. This is an 8 watt, 260 lumen, LED floodlight from Lowes.


Phase 4 was to add a security camera. I looked around on Amazon for a while and found a lot of options but I’m impatient and cheap… Guess what? That payed off in this case. We had an old iPhone lying around and I found a cool app that gives you FREE video camera functionality, Motion activated event recording, and notifications! If the camera detects motion, I backs up a few seconds and then saves that activity as an “Event”. Events are given a Motion Score based on how much motion is detected. A person moving in the driveway scores a 6/10. A car pulling in will score a 9 or 10/10. Someone walking up our stairs would show up as an 8/10. This is the app I’m using.
Manything Security Camera
I mounted the camera/phone in one of these.
Suction Phone Mount

For my last step… Tonight, I installed a second LED Floodlight on the opposite side of my parking spot.

This isn’t our total security package here but it illustrates how I attacked this particular problem. Though a minimal cash expenditure and a little effort, I have made it EXTREMELY difficult to approach the from of our house without being noticed.

Oh, and this snaggle-toothed girl is still waiting to take a bite out of her missed opportunity.


Here’s what I’ve got going.


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