7.8 Earthquake in Nepal… What if it Was Your Hometown?

7.8 Earthquake in Nepal… What if it Was Your Hometown?

An earthquake, with an estimated magnitude of 7.8, hit shortly before noon, and residents of Katmandu ran into the streets and other open spaces as buildings fell. Wide cracks opened on paved streets and in the walls of city buildings. 


The quake set off avalanches around Mount Everest, where several hikers were reported to have died. Officials in Nepal put the preliminary death toll at 1,157, most of them in the valley around Katmandu. Entire streets and squares in the nation’s capital and largest city were covered in rubble. The injured wound up being treated outside the hospitals in triage areas. 


The United States Geological Survey had counted 12 aftershocks, one of which measured at a magnitude of 6.6.


This is a tragic natural disaster in a far off land. Our heart go out to those affected by this devastation. Sometimes we feel so isolated from these things because of the distance. 


What if…

What if it was a major U.S. City?

What if it was in a city with a Nuclear Power plant?

What if it was in your home town?

You survive the initial quake but your home is virtually destroyed. Your whole neighborhood is destroyed. Now what? Do you have the skills, attitude, plan, and supplies to weather the next week while emergency services get things sorted out? Can you stay warm, dry, and fed while the power, water, and gas supplies are interrupted? 

An EDC (Every Day Carry) kit, a Car Kit, or a BUG OUT BAG, and a solid Evacuation Plan can make that difference for you and your family. 

Skills Don’t Break And Knowledge Weighs Nothing…

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