6 Personal Safety Tips To Help You Stay Alert

6 Personal Safety Tips To Help You Stay Alert

Today, I am going to focus on some personal safety practices you can use when you are out and about.
1. When walking or jogging, make sure you stay in a well lite area if at night or in a known neighborhood during the day. Be aware of your surroundings, both in front and behind you by keeping your head up and if you use headphones, keep the volume low enough to hear vehicles or just in one ear. Do not walk or run towards people who may be acting suspiciously or appear to be watching and waiting, avoid these unknown subjects by crossing the street prior to getting close to them and maintain visual awareness.

2. Walking to and from stores, mall, etc keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings, Walk with a purpose, do not divert your attention by texting or talking on the phone, digging for car keys or be burdened with too many bags or packages.
Distractions put you in “Condition White” and drastically decrease your natural reaction time.

3. If you are lost or can’t remember where you parked your car, return to the store and ask for assistance from a security officer or store employee. not Wandering around looking lost paints you as a potential victim. If someone you don’t know is in, near, or leaning on your car, do not approach it, walk back to where you came from and call police or security. When you do get to your car, look around it and inside before you get in to make sure no one is around or in it. Also pay attention to cars parked on either side of yours. Especially vans parked to the left (drivers side) of your car. The sliding door makes a perfect method to grab you as you approach. Be wary of idling cars nearby. Once inside your vehicle, lock the doors and start the car immediately. This will allow you to leave in an instant. Your car can now be used defensively. Don’t sit in the car for prolonged periods. Get in, lock the doors, and get going. Many potential attacks have been thwarted by a hasty exit.

4. If you are not expecting company at your door and the door bell rings or there is a knock, do not open the door but talk through the door. Announce that you hear them and ask what they need, if they seems suspicious or it isn’t someone you know, tell them you are not opening the door and that they are to leave. If they continue on and refuse to leave, call the police to report the suspicious activity. When opening the door, try to look out the peephole, or a window before turning the handle. Verify that this is someone you know or have a need to talk to. Children should never answer the door! If you don’t have a Peephole in your door they are easy to install. Or you could get a Digital Peephole . There are also units available, if your door cannot fit a peephole, but they are more expensive. Video Doorbell/Intercom. If you’re looking for a great mobile solution with better resolution, they make a Wireless Video Intercom that will work with your smartphone or tablet. 

5. Roll the windows on your car all the way up and LOCK your car as soon as you get out. Avoid parking vehicles in driveways; use your garage if possible. If you must park in the driveway, then do not leave anything of value in plain sight. Even an empty bag that may appear to have valuables in it could lead to a theft.

6. Keep a constant eye on your children. ALWAYS know where they are and keep them in sight. Children are easily distracted and can wander off in only a couple seconds. This is vitally important around the summer time as many children are attracted to pools, PLEASE WATCH YOUR CHILDREN AROUND WATER.

These are just a few safety tips for you to keep in mind.

•Traffic Safety Tips

In Summer months many children are outside playing, especially at night when it cools down. In the Winter, snow banks and street parking can hinder visibility. This presents many potential traffic problems so please remember the following:

• Watch out for children as you drive down your streets.

• Watch your speed.

• Have a safety talk with your children.

• Make sure they tell you where they are going.

• Keep checking on them and reminding them to stay in a known area of your neighborhood.

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