45 Important Documents to Have in the Event of a Disaster

45 Important Documents to Have in the Event of a Disaster

Should the unthinkable happen, and a disaster takes your home and all your belongings… Having these with you, when you evacuate, can help make the rebuilding of your life a lot easier. From insurance claims, to short term loans, having the right paperwork can help make a disaster a little easier to recover from. Most of these documents can be replaced but many take time, energy, and money. All things you’ll be short on. Some of these documents require the others in order to get replacements. I hope you never find yourself in the situation where you need this but I hope this helps you to recover. 

Print this out, highlight any that apply to you and then check them off when you’ve put them together with your other documents. 

You may want to keep your documents in one of these:

Fire Resistant Document Bag

Here’s the list:

Contact info for your family/group 
Emergency out of area contact info 
Cell phone numbers, Radio frequencies, Contact time schedule for your group 
Birth Certificates 
Drivers License 
Marriage Certificates 
ID Cards 
Military Service Records 
Child/School ID 
Adoption, Foster Care Papers 
Immigration Papers 
Legal Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney 
Inheritance Documents 
Deferred Payment Records 
Immunization Records 
Medical Prescriptions 
Medical Insurance Paperwork 
MediCare/MedicAid Paperwork 
Loan Papers (Home/Auto/RV/Bank, etc…) 
Vehicle Registration/Title 
Lease/Rental Agreements 
Home/Auto/Business Insurance 
Home Inventory (Photo/Video, with serial numbers if possible) 
Property Taxes 
Banking Info (Checking/Savings/CD) 
Safe Deposit Box Info 
Credit Card Statements 
Pay Stubs 
Investment Portfolio/Retirement/Pension 
Social Security Documents 
Tax Returns 
Business Records 
Business License 
Business Lease/Property Records 
Business Equipment/Inventory Records 
Employee Records 
Training and Certification Records 
School Records 
Firearm Licenses 
Firearm Make/Model/Serial Numbers 
Family Photos and Videos (saved on disc or USB device) 

Keep these in a safe place. Keep them somewhere you can access quickly in the event you have to evacuate on short notice. 
Good luck and stay safe!


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